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Why do we do it?

The LumoHawk Foundation believes that the future of this incredible country lies in the hands of today’s children. In order for South Africa’s dream to be realised, our children need to grow up inspired, filled with hope and with a true sense of self-worth. Education is the cornerstone of this process.

To this end, the LumoHawk Foundation is committed to a number of different projects around various parts of South Africa. From Hermanus and Montague to Turffontein and Diepsloot, LumoHawk has in the past and is at present assisting underprivileged schools and children’s homes with bursaries and sports programmes that drive educational results.

Sport is an incredible conduit to education and a valuable mechanism for learning the lessons of life. Believing that healthy minds need healthy bodies, the Foundation also assists with funding of sports clothing and equipment to encourage participation in whatever sports activities are available to the children in their area.


The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

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